About Venture Momentum

As entrepreneurs build upon their vision of innovative products and services, they focus their limited resources on bringing their creation to market and achieving their sales objectives. During this intense process, they often choose to postpone the important task of laying the foundation of a strong organizational infrastructure because they lack the needed time, expertise or financial resources.

Founded in 1994, Venture Momentum, Inc. is a financial management firm providing advisory services to early stage startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to take on the challenge of adequately shaping and building entrepreneur’s organizational infrastructure early on in the life of their business venture, allowing them to focus their resources and efforts on product development, marketing and sales, and creating their team.

Through Venture Momentum and its founder, Anthony Nassar, we have advised many companies at various development stages ranging from the entrepreneur with an idea, to startups preparing for an acquisition or a round of financing by angels or venture capitalists. For these companies, we have set up financial and human resources recordkeeping systems, implemented internal controls, designed and implemented employee benefits and stock option plans, managed business insurance, automated accounting systems, produced periodic financial statements, prepared business and financial plans, performed due diligence, closed angel and venture rounds of financing, and completed acquisition transactions.

At Venture Momentum, we believe that startups should use their financial resources wisely and strive to maintain low levels of corporate overhead. At the same time, they need to be run with the discipline of mature companies, and always be ready to proudly pass outside scrutiny by prospective investors, auditing firms, shareholders, and governmental agencies. We know from experience that these two propositions are not mutually exclusive, as good business practices do not necessarily imply costly administrative procedures. Throughout our engagements, our clients have benefited from our high level of commitment and dedication to quality in order to achieve such an objective.