financial modeling

Whether you are launching a new venture, or growing an established business, we can assist you in the preparation of a Financial Model which projects your company's revenues, expenses, profit, balance sheet and cash flow over the next 3 to 5 years. We work closely with you to identify the issues surrounding the development of your business and provide you with a financial roadmap depicting where your company is today, where you plan on taking it in the future, and how you will get there. 

What we do:

Using our robust financial modeling framework which has been tested in the field for more than 10 years, we work together with your management team to:

  • Establish revenue assumptions based on available market and historical data of your customers

  • Establish assumptions for all expense components including cost of goods/services, marketing, research & development, and general & administrative expenses

  • Develop a detailed revenue forecast

  • Project your human resources needs

  • Project your capital equipment requirements

  • Develop a detailed expense forecast

  • Develop a cash flow forecast

  • Compute your return on investment

How you benefit:

You receive a financial tool which becomes an integral part of your business plan, and provides you with essential information to successfully manage your company. Your financial plan will allow you to:

  • Know exactly where your business is, and project where it is going

  • Determine adequate levels of capitalization for your business at various development stages

  • Establish goals for revenue and profitability

  • Derive metrics and benchmarks against which you can measure the actual financial performance of your business

  • Better plan your human resources, equipment and office space needs