what is different about venture momentum?

We Offer Solid Financial Management Experience and Technical Skills. When you retain our services, you work with our founder, Anthony Nassar, who has 20+ years of international business and financial management experience, and exceptionally strong analytical and technical skills. With two graduate degrees in engineering, Anthony is in a unique position to understand your technology and view your business beyond its financials.  

We Possess a Deep Knowledge of Startups. Our experience has been primarily with technology startups. We fully understand the environment you operate in, and constantly update our knowledge through continuing efforts in education and research.

We Have a Great Track Record. We have helped our clients achieve various milestones of success, depending on their objectives and development stages. These milestones ranged from reaching profitability, to securing private funding, to completing an acquisition. Throughout our engagement, we relentlessly pursue your success.  

We are Well Connected. We have built a network of high-quality service providers including bankers, law firms, accounting firms, sales and marketing consultants and HR experts in order to better serve your needs.